How to play YouTube videos with phone screen off?

How to play YouTube with the screen off without installing an app

Today we are going to tell you how to play YouTube videos with the phone screen off, and even without installing an app.

Think about it: You are away from a PC and you want to listen to music, so you put YouTube on your phone and let it play… until the battery runs out or is consumed at levels that will force you to recharge very soon and nobody likes to have the phone plugged in!

Surely we already have enough of this data, but we love to repeat that Google loses almost $1 billion a year only on YouTube, for a simple fact: most users of the globe use it to listen to music and not to watch videos.

Why do people use YouTube on mobile with screen off?

There are a variety of reasons why you want to play YouTube with the screen off, one is to lower the battery consumption, another reason is the data consumption, since video consumes much more bandwidth than audio, the wear of the battery, the fact that you might want to be in the dim light and the phone screen lights up the entire room.

But there are two more: you want to listen to music while you do something else with the phone and when you leave YouTube, playback stops or maybe just a whim to ensure that YouTube does not stop when you turn off the phone screen.

There are two alternatives for this: a little setup trick or installing an app for this.

How to play YouTube videos with phone screen off & without installing app?

It is quite simple, it is not the best alternative, but it gives very good results . You just have to copy the link of the song you want to listen to and paste it in any of the browsers you have installed on the phone.

At the top of the browser you will see the three points that symbolize the application menu. There you have to select the option ‘Desktop site’ (or see as Computer, on some computers). Now I left the YouTube browser tab without closing it , slide the notification panel and give it ‘play’.

That’s it!

The trick works with all browsers, but it works best with Chrome.

App to play YouTube videos with phone screen off

It is surely the best player in history, so although installing apps is always tedious and takes place, having VLC Media Player is an excellent idea.

It is a multimedia player available for both desktops and smartphones and it stands out because it is compatible with practically any video, audio and subtitle format, but it also plays online content and offers functions such as forward or backward audio, integrated equalizer and a enormous etcetera that includes that in addition to all that is free.

In order to play YouTube with the screen off with VLC , you have to press the ‘ Share ‘ button of the YouTube video, choose Play with VLC , then in the options drop-down in the lower right corner and choose ‘Play as audio’.

In this way you will also save yourself the download of the video, which allows listening to music on YouTube not slow down your Internet connection.

After play, just turn off the screen, or start doing whatever you want.