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Streaming games possible with Steam Cloud Play now

Streaming games possible with Steam Cloud Play now What is it how to use

The announcement of Steam Cloud Play was something imminent, and people expecting it were not mistaken. Valve today announced its new cloud gaming service, and has confirmed some interesting details, most notably its integration with NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

The cloud gaming sector has gone from being an anecdote to becoming one of the main interests of the big players in the sector. Even companies like Sony and Microsoft, which market video game consoles and therefore prioritize local gaming, have moved in this direction and have opted, to a greater or lesser extent, for cloud gaming.

Google has also moved tab with Stadia, and NVIDIA have done the same with GeForce Now. It is clear that when so many greats bet on the game in the cloud it is because it is a very juicy cake, and no one is willing to be left without a piece of it.

Returning to Steam Cloud Play, we have a rather interesting bet on the part of Valve, since this service will not only allow us to play a considerable number of games in the cloud, but it is also compatible with NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. It is currently in beta, which means it still has a way to go before entering its final version, but its potential has been clear from the start.

Steam Cloud Play vs Google Stadia: Don’t need to buy games

One of the most important problems that Google Stadia presents is, without a doubt, the obligation that it imposes on the user to buy the games that they already have. Imagine that you want to play DOOM Eternal on this platform, a title that you already have purchased on Steam. Well, to do it you would have to pay for it again.

With Steam Cloud Play this does not happen, that is, you can play the titles that you have linked to your Steam account without any problem, although at the moment only some of them are available. Since the service is in beta phase is understandable, we will have to wait until it enters the final phase to see which games end up being available and which games are not.

I want to make it clear that Valve is having to deal with the same issues as NVIDIA when it comes to negotiating with developers and publishers to keep certain titles on Steam Cloud Play. This is a direct consequence of their “eagerness” to monetize their games to the maximum, and it goes without saying that it can end up being very complicated.

We have already seen it in GeForce Now, long lists of games that are available today and that in a month cease to be. Obviously, this does not mean that we lose these games by using them on this platform, nor will that happen with Steam Cloud Play, but when running on a virtual machine supported by servers and not locally on the computer of the licensee of the A new usage scenario emerges that developers and publishers are trying to take advantage of to get a slice.

Valve has made it clear that it is not going to overpay developers and publishers who decide to make their games compatible with Steam Cloud Play, as it believes that this service only seeks to give more options to players. If you want to activate this cloud gaming service you have to follow the steps that you will find in this article.