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NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming service is on

NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming service is on

In 2015, NVIDIA launched a striking game streaming service via its Shield devices called GeForce Now. This service allowed playing PC games on Shield devices (consoles, tablets or TV) through network. It included games that run on NVIDIA servers and allowed us to play from anywhere on the internet.

A free plan and a paid plan called Founders (which has a 3-month trial period)

For several years the service stayed in beta with an access queue (with more than 300,000 beta testers). NVIDIA today made GeForce Now open to anyone. The game streaming service includes two plans: A completely free plan with standard access which lets you play for 1 hour sessions, and a Founders plan, which costs $4.99 per month.

Founders membership will have certain advantages, such as priority access for games, sessions of up to 6 hours of uninterrupted play. Members of the paid service may also benefit from the raytracing technology, RTX, in compatible games. Founders has a free 3-month free trial as well.

Supports all but iPhones

GeForce Now will work on both Shield devices and PCs, Macs and Android tablets  and phones. In addition, throughout 2020 it will be opened to Chromebooks.

The resolution of GeForce Now is 1920×1080 pixels at 60 fps, and it will uses H.264 and H.265 codecs (depending on the title). The quality will be the same for the free plan, so there will be no difference in performance or quality.

You need at least 20Mbps internet connection

GeForce Now game streaming service has support for stereo sound and 5.1 surround for those with compatible sound systems. In addition, a connection of 20 to 30Mbps is required to achieve a satisfactory experience, although 50Mbps is recommended.

As for the games catalog, there will be hundreds of titles available, from paid games to free-to-play games. All games will be on the latest version and patches applied and you won’t need to install them on your device. In fact, they will only need 100 MB of local storage to play.

Games will not be rental, they will be your property and it supports Steam and Origin

In addition, the games purchased will become the property of the user , and will not be a rental as occurs in other platforms.

It will also be possible to play games from other platforms including Origin or Steam and the good part is, you won’t need to buy these games if you already purchased on GeForce Now. The games will support multilanguage as well.

GeForce Now has servers in North America and Western Europe. However, the company has reached agreements with other suppliers in Russia (gfn), Japan (Softbank) and Korea (LGU +) to offer GeForce Now on this new servers.