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Plex announced a Netflix like feature: Watch Together

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Plex introduced a new function just like Netflix did, called Watch Together, which can be used for, you know, watching something together remotely.

Today, beta support for an experimental new feature called Watch Together was announced. If you find a film or an episode that you would like to watch with friends, then invite her to this plex session – the software should then ensure that every viewer can watch synchronously. Quasi identical content with time stamp in different locations. There are already some extensions that can do this with YouTube or Netflix.

Funny thing is, a user tweeted about a request for this feature, just when Plex was about to announce it. You can see the tweet below.

Which platforms support Watch Together feature of Plex?

At the moment, Watch Together is supported on Apple platforms (iOS and tvOS) and Android platforms (mobile phone and TV). Support for Roku is imminent, and web and other platforms will follow.

The feature works both with the free films on Plex and with content from the personal media library.

Still, as a reminder: the whole thing is experimental. Watch Together comes straight from the Plex Labs and is free for everyone as long as it is still in the official beta phase. No Plex Pass is required for the time being.

Plex Watch Together allows viewing together just like Netflix

You can get more information here.

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