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How to add Netflix and use it on Plex?

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Plex, a multimedia library application, includes support for Netflix through a plug-in. The plug-in adds the popular streaming platform to Netflix as an option to the video section of your media library.

Once you installed, you can use this plug-in to browse Netflix, search for available movies and TV shows, and watch them within the app. This plug-in only works with the Mac OS X version of Plex and unfortunately does not run on Windows, so we prepared a guide to show you how you can install and use it.

How to add Netflix and use it on Plex?

Step 1
Install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in on your Mac. If you can watch Netflix in your web browser, you already have Silverlight. Otherwise, open the Silverlight website, download the Silverlight installation package, double-click the downloaded file named “Silverlight.pkg” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2
Open the Netflix webpage on the Plex Online website in your internet browser. You can also select “Plex Online” in Plex to open this website.

Step 3
Click the “Install Netflix Into Plex” link on the page to install the Netflix plug-in. Open the video library in Plex and select “Netflix” to use it.

You can also read here about the plans of Plex to integrate many major streaming platforms (Amazon, Disney +,  Hulu etc.) to Plex TV, their streaming service, so it will be possible to watch them through a single interface. This also helps seeing all your library at one location.

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