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Plex wants to combine the contents of Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others

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The new streaming provider Plex wants to combine the contents of other services such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney. The creators of the service wants to evolve it into a central point of contact for all streaming requests.

From an offline hub to streaming

Plex launched its ad-supported video on demand content platform on 2019. However, it is not a new company, on the contrary the company owned a very well known multimedia server software since 2009 with the same name which is used all around the world. Basically, what they plan seems like applying the same principle of their software to streaming world.

Remember when we used to have (some of us still do, I give you that) disk drives full of movies, Plex added a visual interface with media information to that, and also helped people watch their content through the other devices in the network. Now, if the new ideal of Plex streaming platform turns to reality, you will be able to combine all your streaming content from different providers in one place, they hope.

Plex wants to combine the content from Netflix, Amazon and others

At the launch of the streaming platform, Plex offered some free content such as classics like Apocalypse Now! or Terminator II. The only limitation in the platform for free users though, is advertising breaks during streaming, just like Spotify or YouTube.

Plex wants to combine the contents of Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others

Plex works on any device you’d imagine

The company gave details about the new service in an official blog post, it seems that their ambitions are high and they want to make Plex a hub for all streaming users. After they accomplish this, when a user wants to see content from Netflix, Amazon Prime or Plex, they will serve it and it won’t be a problem for them.

Plex's targets from 2011
Plex’s targets from 2011

The service can be used on almost any platform you can imagine, including Android, iOS, Windows, Android Auto as operating systems, on its web app, so it would also work on Macs, on Kodi, on streaming devices Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and smart TVs via its own app or web app, Tivo, on gaming consoles, NVIDIA Shield, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One, and smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Caavo, finally VR devices like Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Lenovo Mirage Solo VR. Impressive, huh?

Plex wants to combine the contents of Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others

You will still need Netflix or Amazon membership to watch

Plex has music, podcasts and Live TV features as well. And it is expected that they will offer a combination of other streaming services through their search and Channels feature, which basically includes the content and you can add to your list or just click to watch. We have implied but not clearly said, that you will also need a Netflix subscription if you want to watch movies or series from Netflix or Amazon etc., if they partner with these companies.

Initially, contents from 15 to 20 other streaming services are planned to be listed on Plex until the links of the Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Hulu etc. will be implemented and if this happens, all the content will combine to create a giant streaming hub. The company thinks this will be enough for people to use their platform. And we have no idea if they are already in talks with Netflix, Amazon or Disney, or any other state.

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