How to stream Disney Movies Anywhere and Amazon to Chromecast?

How to stream Disney Movies Anywhere and Amazon to Chromecast

If you are a Disney Movies club member and buying movies through Amazon Instant, it is also possible to stream the Amazon purchase to your Google Chromecast.

If you watch Disney Movies at the  website and able to cast from your browser, it does not matter where you bought the Disney movie at, because the only restriction to casting from your computer to Google Chromecast is that having a Google Cast extension. You could even cast Amazon Prime videos through the browser to the Chromecast.

Now you might have thought you couldn’t, because on your phone and tablets you can not stream to Chromecast through the Amazon Prime app natively. This is because Amazon has not added support for it yet (probably because they have a competing product).

You should make sure the following before you can cast from the DisneyLife app:

  • The Google Home app must be installed on your device. You can find it on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • The Chromecast must be connected to the TV.
  • The device that has the DisneyLife app and the Chromecast must be connected to the same wireless network.

To start casting from DisneyLife app to Chromecast, you should:

  • Open the DisneyLife app.
  • Tap the Cast icon next to the magnifying glass.
  • Choose the device you wish to stream to from the list.
  • The app will start casting to your TV now. You can also understand this from the cast icon’s changed color.
  • Now you can select the content and tap Play.

To stop casting from DisneyLife App , tap the Cast icon and Disconnect.

You can also read about a new streaming app called Plex that plans to combine movies, series and other content from streaming giants Amazon, Netflix and Disney at one place, so you don’t need to switch devices. Also, it works on consoles, TVs, mobile devices, PC and Macs and web.