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Netflix shares went up by 4,181 percent in a decade

Netflix shares in a decade

Netflix Inc. was listed first time in the S&P 500 index at the end of 2010. The list includes the largest companies on US exchanges by market value. According to the results of the past 10 years, streaming service’s shares increased 4,181% in value, which set a record among the S&P 500 participants. Over the past ten years, the companies on S&P 500 list has grown by 189% on average.

As of 2010, the paid subscriber base of Netflix was estimated 12 million people. The market value of the company at that time was several billion dollars. According to the third quarter results of this year, the number of paid members exceeded 158 million people, and the capitalization – 145 billion USD.

Netflix shares in a decade

In the third quarter, Netflix had 5,2 billion dollars in revenue. In annual terms, the revenue increased by 30%. Accordingly, Netflix’s profit increased from 403 to 665 million USD.

This year, major players such as and Apple and Disney introduced their streaming services. In this regard, Netflix’s market share might see a decrease in the near future.