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iPhone 12 might use AirPods instead of wired earphones

Apple would stop including wired earphones next to the iPhone 12 this year, instead the company might rely on AirPods. It would be the first time in the history of the brand that its smartphones arrive without earphones included.

Earphones, well-known for accompaning Apple smartphones since the iPhone 5, could say goodbye in 2020. With the launch of the iPhone 12, the Cupertino technology would seek to increase the volume of sales of the AirPods, its wireless accessory star.

This is revealed, at least, by the renowned sector analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It would be the first step of the company in this regard, which has always included cable headphones with their iPhone, since the launch of the original in 2007. An accessory, which have enjoyed enormous prominence in the company and popularity in the industry thanks to its iconic white design.

According to Kuo, this could lead to an increase in sales of AirPods , which have positioned themselves as a resounding success in recent years. However, the price difference between the EarPods and the wireless headphones of the house is $150 in their base versions, which can be an obvious problem when it comes to choosing the seconds.

iPhone 12 might use AirPods instead of wired earphones

The latter could be incentivized by the company itself with possible discounts and promotions at the end of the year to acquire the AirPods. A huge boost in the audio segment that could be complemented by AirPods Studio and AirPods X, still unconfirmed. It is unknown if Apple plans to discontinue its wired headphones.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, change time

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro aim to bring several changes and modifications expected in recent years in the brand’s smartphones. Among them is 5G connectivity, screen edges and reduced notch or a compact body.

Apple is expected to present its new generation of smartphones next September. Their arrival on the market may be delayed due to the coronavirus crisis. According to the latest leaks, the range would be composed of four models, with a price starting at $649.