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Influencer marketing: These are the latest trends

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Influencers play a very important role today in marketing. Influencers have become part of everyday advertising and older influencers enjoy greater credibility. The trend has grown in the last year nowadays it is very rare to meet someone who does not consume social networks, these have even become part of our daily lives.

In fact, advertising did not take long to realize this scenario and did not take long to find a method to generate more profit without even mentioning that it is developing an advertising campaign. This is known as covert advertising and is carried out by influencers.

It seems that nowadays the relationship between advertising and influencers has given rise to a phenomenon known as hidden advertising.

In fact, there are several studies that show figures on the subject, a platform dedicated to the promotion and management of influencers says that on average, an influencer with 40,000 followers can earn between 500 and 1,000 dollars for a sponsored post. While one with 500,000 followers can earn 5,000 dollars for a sponsored post. Today, however, brands are much more adept at choosing people for their influencer marketing campaigns.

The latest trends about influencer marketing

Brands will allocate budgets once poured into advertising to influencer marketing

The coronavirus slowed the growth of the advertising industry, but influencer marketing was to some extent immune to the onslaught of the crisis.

After all, the number of active users on social networks has not stopped growing since the beginning of the pandemic, so much of the budgets that brands previously invested in offline campaigns are being redirected to digital channels.

Influencer marketing: These are the latest trends
The number of active users on social networks has not stopped growing since the beginning of the pandemic

And as influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to foster the connection between brands and online audiences, this discipline is destined to continue to be extraordinarily fertile in the coming months.

Influencer marketing based on performance is the future

Until not so long ago, brands saw influencer marketing as a tool oriented first and foremost towards driving brand awareness and opted to rely on other channels for their performance campaigns.

In this sense, influencer marketing budgets will grow significantly in the coming months, as more and more brands emphasize the individual performance and ROI of influencers.

More and more brands are falling at the feet of TikTok as an influencer marketing platform

Brands tend to take a cautious approach to TikTok, largely due to its very young audience, the provocative content, and the difficulty in choosing the right “tiktokers”.

Even so, TikTok is undoubtedly the most important social network at the moment and it is still far from having reached its peak of growth, so brands will inevitably set their sights on this platform.

The popularity of micro-influencers will continue to rise

Small brands tend to be more attentive to micro-influencers, but experts expect larger brands to work with this type of influencer soon.

In 2020, 46.4% of brand mentions accompanied by the hashtag #ad were made by Instagram accounts with between 1,000 and 20,000 followers.

Influencer marketing: These are the latest trends
Influencer marketing budgets will grow significantly in the coming months

And brand collaborations with micro-influencers will also be at the mercy of growth in 2021 when this type of influencer will account for 50% of posts of a paid nature.

Brands and influencers will pay much more attention to the content they post

During the pandemic, quite a few influencers were exposed for posting clearly inappropriate content and displaying irrelevant behavior.

Audiences are now much more sensitive to the content they consume and are also more interested in the personalities of influencers, so creators must be careful (and perhaps filter) what they say.

Brands, for their part, are also more selective in choosing the influencers they choose to collaborate with.

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