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Automatic video subtitling feature arrives on TikTok

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TikTok continues to launch new accessibility capabilities and the video platform has just introduced the new automatic subtitling feature, seeking the complicity of the creators so that the content generated by them can be enjoyed even by people with hearing problems.

The idea is those creators, when recording or uploading their videos, can use the function itself so that an automatic transcription of the content can be carried out, which they can also edit manually, to present it as part of the same to all users, with the possibility that those users who do not wish to have subtitles during playback, can disable them through the sharing panel, from the application itself.

TikTok indicates that for the moment, the new feature is compatible with American English and Japanese, and is currently working to offer additional support for other languages in the coming months.

Automatic video subtitling feature arrives on TikTok
Automatic video subtitling feature arrives on TikTok

In this sense, will likely be one of the next languages to have its corresponding support, given that it is one of the most spoken languages worldwide.

The automatic subtitling of videos is, to date, the latest accessibility feature to arrive, which joins others already present, such as animated thumbnails, warnings in some videos with effects in case of being able to produce cases of epilepsy, the function of omission of photosensitive content for people with epilepsy, and the function that converts text to speech.

TikTok also points out that they are still working to find areas of improvement in accessibility, for which they are even working with organizations and communities specializing in disabilities, including The Deaf Collective, for which they are committed to providing news and updates for the sake of transparency and to share all the progress they are making in this area.

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