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Signal tests peer-to-peer and cryptocurrency payments

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Signal, one of the secure alternatives to WhatsApp is already testing -first in the UK-, a feature that WhatsApp has been playing with for some time but has not yet officially arrived: Payments between users.

Signal has announced on its blog a new system of payments between users with which you can send cryptocurrencies or, rather, cryptocurrency, as it is compatible only with MobileCoin, which promises private payments.

Soon we will be able to send cryptocurrency in Signal

Signal now testing user-to-user and cryptocurrency payments
Signal now testing user-to-user and cryptocurrency payments

Payments are coming to Signal in beta form within its beta, although the company has communicated that such payments are only available to UK users, with plans to expand support to other regions soon.

The Signal beta for Android, iOS, and PC integrates MobileCoin’s privacy-centric payments platform with which you can send your cryptocurrency to your contacts in the app, MOB. With the integration of Signal and the MobileCoin wallet, sending money to family and friends is as easy as a couple of taps.

Thus, in Signal you can consult your transaction history, send money and receive money from the messaging application itself, without Signal having visibility of your balance or transactions. You can also withdraw your funds at any time if you decide to switch to another application or service.

Signal joins the list of messaging applications that allow you to send money between users. This is a club that is still quite select because, except for Chinese apps such as WeChat, which have a lot of experience in this, others such as WhatsApp or Messenger have several initiatives and tests underway, but no global support.

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