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Which one has a better gamepad: PS5 and Xbox Series X controller comparison

Which one has a better gamepad PS5 and Xbox Series X controller comparison - Dual Sense

Controller comparison for PS5 and Xbox Series X: We already know what the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers will be like now, and both consoles are expected to see the day of light at the end of this year. Both Sony and Microsoft have redesigned their gamepads to give us a new-generation experience, and we compare everything about them to show their similarities and differences.

Until we have them in our hands, we will not be able to talk about our impressions of PS5 Dual Sense vs Xbox Series X controllers, but we can give you a tour of the design and functions of both controllers, so that we can see how they have evolved since the latest models were released.

Controller comparison for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The both gamepads have analog sticks and a digital crosshead, and they connect wirelessly to the console. Regarding the general design, Microsoft has opted for a conservative style, which follows the guideline set by the Xbox One controller (and especially by the Elite Controller Series 2, which today is considered one of the best controllers that exist), in a way so that anyone in their ecosystem (PC, streaming game or console) can enjoy and have the same functions.

Sony has surprised us with a two-tone design, in black and white, and with cleaner and rounded lines, which resemble the style that the company already showed with its PSVR headset. It appears to be more ergonomic than the Dualshock 4 and is better suited for smaller hands.

Xbox Series X controller - analog sticks

Analog sticks

Both consoles have two analog sticks, L and R, both rubber coated and with concave covers. The same with the design of the previous consoles from Sony and Microsoft. In Series X they are not at the same height, while in Sony they are placed parallel (at the bottom).

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - Analog sticks

Both the Dual Sense and the Series X Controllers can be pressed to use the L3 and R3 buttons. The initial PS4 model showed problems with the rubber on the sticks (which wore out with use) but was solved in later models, so we do not expect to encounter the same problem in the new generation.

Control and D-pad

Microsoft has opted for a hybrid solution that was already on the Elite Controller. Forget the traditional cross-shaped D-pad, they opted for an octagon style to facilitate diagonals. The reason for the change is that it is a crosspiece that offers the best of both worlds, in order to offer pulsations in four directions (up, down, left and right) precisely and, at the same time, The word that best defines this new D-pad is accessibility.

Xbox Series X controller - Control and D-pad buttons

For its part, Sony remains in the game with keeping the same D-pad it has already used on all its consoles (also on mobile consoles, such as PSP and PS Vita). In the new design, the D-Pad is made of transparent plastic, just like the front buttons. The classic symbol of the PlayStation buttons appears in black, and the color codes, the pink square, green triangle, red circle and blue X is the same.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - Control and D-Pad buttons

The buttons on the Xbox Series X controller appear to be built the same with the current model and maintain both the naming and the color coding characteristics of Microsoft consoles. Microsoft also introduced Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). Broadly speaking, the controller sends information more frequently and syncs the frames of the game on the screen. As a result, milliseconds are gained and the actions are more immediate.

The trigger buttons

In this case we see differences in both the design and the functions. The LB and RB buttons on the Series X controller have been rounded and has a bigger surface area to make them more accessible. In addition, they have a rough surface so they do not slip and are even more comfortable to use.

Xbox Series X controller - Trigger buttons

Controller comparison for PS5 and Xbox Series X

In PS5’s design, it reminds us the triggers of the Dual Shock, although the separation between the two buttons has disappeared. The main changes appear in the functions. the  L2 and R2 triggers will be adaptive. And what does that mean? Well, developers can program the resistance they offer for vibrations.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - Trigger buttons

So it will not be the same to press the R2 button to fire a weapon than to accelerate while driving a car or firing another weapon for that matter.

Extra buttons (Share and Create)

One of the most important innovations of the Xbox Series X controller is the addition of a new Share button to be able to capture screenshots and video and share it quickly on social networks such as Twitter without having to go through the system menus as before.

Xbox Series X controller - Extra buttons Share and Create

For its part, Sony repeats the presence of this button on the PS5 DualSense controller (it is also placed to the left of the touch panel, on the front, but the name has changed to “Create”.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - Share and Create button

The functions of this button also include content sharing through streaming or social networks (screenshots and video) and Sony will detail later the new functions it will offer.

Ports, microphone and speaker

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers have a port at the bottom , which allows us to connect our headset directly through a minijack input (we can use the ones we already have on PS4 or Xbox One). In the case of Series X, this output is a single port, such as the one already provided by the One and Elite Controller controls, which adds volume controls and the possibility of muting the microphone.

Xbox Series X controller - Ports microphone and speaker

Controller comparison for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The PS5 Dual Sense controller also has an integrated speaker (as was the case on PS4) and an additional microphone, for chatting without the need for a headset. A button with the mute function has been included on the front of the remote.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - ports microphone and speaker

This “surround” microphone will also serve to communicate with the console’s voice assistant, which serves as Siri (on Apple devices), Amazon’s Alexa or Windows’ Cortana.

Touch panel and light

These are two unique elements of the PS5 controller, which have been inherited from the previous model. The location of the touch panel on the front of the controller is the same as in the PS4 Dualshock 4, but the size seems somewhat larger, without leaving too much unused surface between the different components of the controller.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller - Touch panel and light

On the other hand the light bar between the L and R buttons disappeared and now it has been placed in a more subtle way around the panel. This light changes color and allows the camera to locate the position of the controller, for example in virtual reality games with PSVR. In some games, such as GTA V, the light bar also changes color to indicate that we are being chased by the police or that we have little energy left.


Both controls will have servo motors to send feedback to users, but in the case of the Dual Sense we find the disappearance of the vibration as it had been incorporated so far, to incorporate haptic vibration instead. With PlayStation 5 controllers, the games will be able to send different information to the player, depending on what happens in the game.

Until now, it did not matter that what happened in the game, the remote was only able to vibrate in a single way. Now we will feel the movement, delving into the line that Nintendo Switch has started with HD vibration.

Xbox Series X controller - Remote control

Remote control

Both controllers are wireless and have the USB Type-C charging port, the standard now used by many mobile phones and the one we’ve also seen on the Nintendo Switch PRO controller. In the case of the Xbox Series X controller, we find Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) to pair the controls more easily, and more easily to connect the controller to different devices (Series X, Xbox One and mobile devices). As in previous consoles, the Xbox Series X wireless controller was battery operated.

Dual Sense for PS5 is slightly heavier than the current Dual Shock, and has a longer battery life. As we have already mentioned, between the L and R buttons we find the USB-C charging port. The PS5 controller does not have a button to synchronize the controller, but this function is performed with the PlayStation button, which now has the shape of the PS logo.