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Huawei plans to bring HarmonyOS to the smartphones with Kirin 710 or higher

Huawei officially announced HarmonyOS in 2019 as its operating system for everything and plan B to overcome the obstacle of not being able to integrate Google services in its cell phones. The system is far from 100% ready, although it has already launched its first beta version in China and the first phones with HarmonyOS preinstalled are expected to arrive this 2021. A leak indicates that HarmonyOS could reach more phones than we anticipated.

According to the leaker “Changan Digital King” has made known on Weibo, Huawei’s current tentative plans are to upgrade to HarmonyOS to those phones with Kirin 710 or higher. Although not completely sure if this includes the Kirin 710, we are talking about processors that have been in circulation for three years now.

In the absence of EMUI good is HarmonyOS?

According to the leaker, after communicating with “relevant staff”, Huawei’s tentative plan for the deployment of HarmonyOS on its mobile lineup happens to include phones with Kirin 710 or higher. That is, they would serve all models launched later with more powerful processors such as Kirin 810, 980, 985, 990, 9000, and so on. It is not entirely sure if the Kirin 710 is included per se.

Huawei plans to bring HarmonyOS to the cell phone with Kirin 710 or higher
Huawei plans to bring HarmonyOS to the cell phone with Kirin 710 or higher

This includes just over a hundred handsets, including some that were left without their EMUI ration after the chaos caused by the US veto, such as the Huawei P30 Lite, which launched in 2019 with Android Pie and received a single major update to Android 10 with EMUI 10. Many of these handsets were prematurely left without system updates and now, if the rumor is confirmed, they could receive a new breath of life.

The Kirin 710 was one of the trendy processors for Huawei during 2018 and 2019 and is found in forty phones, including many Huawei Y models, Huawei P Smart, and some Honor models. Mind you, most of these phones were launched with Google services, as they arrived before the veto. It remains to be seen if users are interested in having HarmonyOS in exchange for losing Google services.

According to the leaker, we should have more information about this in a future Huawei presentation. After all, the company plans to launch the first handsets with HarmonyOS preinstalled in the coming months, which should mean that the system is mature enough to be shipped to other existing models. For now, the public beta is only available for the Huawei P40 and Huawei Mate 30.


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