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Best Telegram bots: How to use them like a pro?

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Today we are going to talk about the best Telegram bots and for those who don’t know we are going to give you detailed information about how to use them. Bots are one of the most interesting features of Telegram, however, many people don’t know how to use them.

What are Telegram bots?

Bots are third-party applications that run within Telegram as a conventional chat. These chatbots are meant to execute a response and association action with simple text commands that work under one’s programming.

Despite being third-party applications, these bots do not have to be installed by the user, as they work as another Telegram account.

This feature is one of the most interesting features of Telegram currently and allows many developers to offer real-time response tools with efficient solutions that are based, simply, on the solution of commands by text.

How Telegram bots work and how to use them?

To use them you simply need to search for the bot in question as if it were another user within Telegram. You can type @xxTelegrambotxx in the search bar for example. After @ you need to type the bot’s name.

Once you find it, you need to simply press the “start” button that will pop up on your screen.

After you complete this action, the bot in question will send you the list of basic commands with which you can start working with the tools, as well as a series of instructions on how to use them according to what you want to do.

After this, the only thing left for you to do is to interact with them. There are many, many of them, and they are all aimed at the same thing: providing solutions in real-time through a text recognition robot.

Best Telegram bots

Now, to get you started on your journey with Telegram bots, we leave you with a list of the five best bots to try out.

Text To Speech Bot

It is an especially functional tool if you want to listen to a long text and you don’t have time or space to dedicate a reading.

Search for: @TextTSBot

Best Telegram bots: How to use them like a pro?
Best Telegram bots: How to use them like a pro?


Voicy, on the other hand, is the opposite tool. This one converts voice to text. It is also an extremely useful tool if you want to turn a very long idea into text without having to write it out by listening to the audio over and over again.

Search for: @voicybot


If you are already too into stickers, this is a perfect tool for you. It’s simple to use: you send it an emoji and it shows you packs of related stickers you might be interested in.

Search for: @sticker

Twitter Downloader Bot

Its name says it all. It’s a bot that will simply download Twitter videos for you, just like the web tool that exists under the same name.

Search for: @TwitterDownloaderBot

Convert.io Bot

This bot is a YouTube video converter that is still operating and you can download videos without any problem using this one.

Search for: @converto_bot

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