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How to mute words or hashtags on Twitter?

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If you want to mute words or hashtags on Twitter, so that they stop showing up on your account, follow these steps.

In Twitter, it is common to see discussions, fights and many controversies, something that many find frustrating. Although there are ways to avoid having to see certain content.

On Twitter we find various filters, which allow us to mute certain words or hashtags . By using this option, the social network will hide those tweets where we find those specific words or hashtags. So we can filter insults or content that we do not want to see.

Mute words or hashtags on Twitter

When there are words that you are not interested in seeing, such as insults or some that are used to talk about a certain topic or person, Twitter gives you the ability to mute them. The same goes for hashtags on the social network. They are presented as a method with which you can avoid seeing tweets on some specific topics , which you do not want to see, without having to block accounts or users for it. The steps to mute words or hashtags on Twitter are:

  • Open Twitter on your phone.
  • Click on the top three horizontal stripes.
  • Go to Settings and privacy.
  • Enter Notifications.
  • Go to Muted Words.
  • Click on the “+” button.
  • Enter the word or hashtag to block.
  • Decide if you want to stop receiving notifications of tweets with that word and if you want to hide those tweets from your feed.
  • Select how long you want to mute this word.

By setting this, you won’t see any tweets that use those words in your feed. Also, the social network will never notify you if someone uploads a tweet with that word or hashtag in question. The time in which said word is silenced is something that depends on each user, since there may be terms that will be temporary, so that you can mute them for a few days or weeks, and others forever.

A good way to personalize Twitter, making sure that those topics that you find unpleasant or that annoy you will not appear in your feed on the social network. Besides, whenever you want you can either add or delete words to your list of muted words in the app.

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