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Amazon’s gaming service Luna is coming to Europe soon

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Soon Amazon Luna will arrive in Europe and we will be able to play from the comfort of our mobile, PC, or TV (with Fire Stick) for a small monthly fee.

Meet Amazon Luna, the company’s gaming service just like Google Stadia

Amazon Luna is the direct competition of Google Stadia, that is, a streaming gaming service, although it seems that its beginnings are not being as strange as those of the Internet giant.

Google Stadia has been surrounded by controversy since it started announcing its platform. It promised 4K quality that was never delivered, or at least not in its entirety, and hence Google has another lawsuit on the table.

Monopoly lawsuits are piling up in the offices of the big tech companies and Amazon is not far behind. Both Google and Amazon are big companies and in recent months the relationship between the two has sparked.

Google removed YouTube from the Fire TV Stick and Amazon removed Prime Video from the Chromecast. The positive is that both companies have matured and despite being software and hardware rivals, they now collaborate and Amazon Music already has an app on Google TV and Android TV.

Amazon Luna’s settlement could spark sparks again, and more knowing that Stadia does not shine as much as expected. At the moment Luna is only available in the United States and is expected to arrive in Europe soon.

Amazon's Google Stadia is already up and running, this is Amazon Luna
Amazon’s Google Stadia is already up and running, this is Amazon Luna

You can try Amazon Luna for free on Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPad, and some Android mobiles, and you can even order the platform-exclusive controller. The free trial lasts 7 days and is accessed by downloading the Luna app on the device you want to play on.

After those trial days, you have to pay $5.99 if you want to continue using Amazon Luna. It is believed that this reduced price is a promotion for the beta phase and when the platform expands, the monthly cost could be higher.

Within the current catalog of Amazon Luna, you have some very popular titles such as Control, GRID, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil VII, Yooka-Laylee, Indivisible, Blasphemous, Rime, Abzu, Sonic Mania, or The Surge 2.

Apart from this, you can access the Ubisoft+ catalog and play several of its most famous titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by paying an extra $14.99.

Possibly Amazon is ensuring a good reception in the United States and analyzing the European market, among others, to promote a successful launch strategy.

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