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Modern Standby feature is coming to Windows 10X

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Windows 10X will support Modern Standby feature and it will be released in the second quarter of 2021. As you know, this is a new Microsoft operating system originally created for the new generation of folding devices (with double screens or flexible screens) such as the Surface Neo, although in recent months we learned that it will also be used in basic laptops.

Windows 10X is coming with Modern Standby support

It is a part of the great Windows Core OS project and is a light, simplified, and optimized version of the Windows desktop. It is worth mentioning that Windows 10X will not be launched to the public and will be exclusive for OEMs to integrate it into their new devices.

In an update of the support document, the company has confirmed that it has added support for Modern Standby. It is a standby mode that was introduced years ago and standard Windows 10 already has it, but on Windows 10X it will be much more useful.

Basically, Modern Standby is a low-power sleep mode that allows a computer to stay up to date when it has an available network connection. The main difference between standby modes like Modern Standby is the background activity capability.

Sure you’ve heard of it because it’s something our smartphones do every day. And it seems like, Microsoft wants to bring the mobile experience to Windows 10X, because of its reliability and ease of use.

Modern Standby is coming to Windows 10X
Modern Standby is coming to Windows 10X

This mode will be particularly suitable for Windows 10X laptops as they will only be able to run progressive PWA and UWP applications. When devices enter this sleep mode, applications will remain connected to their data sources and can retrieve content in the background to give users an almost instantaneous and always-connected feel.

In practice, most Microsoft Store applications will be able to take full advantage of this feature in Windows 10X. Mail programs such as Outlook, Calendar, Photos, OneDrive, etc. will be able to download large files, including attachments, when the device is idle.

We still have a lot to learn about Windows 10X. At least we like to know that the development advances and features that can be very interesting are added.

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