How to increase RAM performance on Windows 10?

How to increase RAM performance on Windows 10?

If you don’t know how to increase RAM performance on Windows 10, we have some tools for you. Even though Windows automatically manages memory optimization, you will know that it is not always the most efficient option. So if you want to optimize your computer you can choose to make changes manually or use third-party tools to help you in the process.

There are many programs and apps that will be useful, but you can start by taking a look at this series of suggestions.

How to increase RAM performance on Windows 10?


MemPlus is licensed under GNU, so you can use it for free on your PCs. You will see that the interface and dynamics are very simple. So with a simple glance, you will see the amount of RAM your computer has, and the percentage being used at the moment. You can just click on “Clear memory” to free up space on memory automatically.

Once MemPlus does the job, a pop-up window will appear with information on how much memory is available. One detail to note about MemPlus is that it has a portable version.

Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is one of the best programs for Windows users who want to free up RAM without getting into complicated menus.

Using this tool you can free the memory that is unused by apps that work in the background. It also removes the “leftovers” of applications that we used and already closed.

On the other hand, it has another option, and it is not found in other programs, that allows us to ‘defragment’ the memory in use. The process is usually slow but efficient. It has a portable version too.

How to increase RAM performance on Windows 10?
How to increase RAM performance on Windows 10?

Razer Cortex

The main task of Razer Cortex is to defragment the RAM, which makes it more efficient by freeing up space. This is the most complete software on the list, and it doesn’t only free up space, but it also ends the system processes that slow down your PC and decrease performance.


RAMRush is an efficient tool and it doesn’t cover a lot of storage. It is ideal for computers with low memory. The program window shows the CPU usage and the amount (in percentage) of memory used. To free up space, you only need to use the “Start Optimize” option.