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Huawei’s Harmony OS interface will look different than Android

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Huawei has confirmed that the final version of Harmony OS will have a very different interface than EMUI, its current layer on top of Android operating system.

In recent times, Huawei has focused a large part of its resources on creating an alternative to Android called Harmony OS (at least in the West, in China it is called Hongmeng OS).

This new operating system is compatible with the Android applications that we all know, but according to Huawei it is designed to be better than Google’s system.

The Harmony OS interface will change

What is most striking about the versions that we have seen so far of Harmony OS is that visually, there are hardly any differences with EMUI, the layer that Huawei uses in Android. This may be to familiarize developers, but when the stable release is official, when the betas finish, it looks like this will change. According to Huawei, the final version of its new operating system will be very different from EMUI but has not specified what will change.

A complicated future

Huawei has also made it clear that Harmony OS will not be a better replacement for the brand now that it cannot access Android in the same way as its rivals. What Huawei wants to create is an alternative that serves more manufacturers and becomes a better option in the immediate future, promoting aspects such as the interconnection of devices, something key in the era of 5G and the Internet of Things. It remains to be seen how both the first and the second statement will be realized.

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