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WoW developer leaves Blizzard dissatisfied after 13 years

WoW developer leaves Blizzard dissatisfied after 13 years

WoW developer leaves Blizzard after 13 years and explains his dissatisfaction with the course of the game.

Chris Kaleiki, World of Warcraft developer and Blizzard employee, announced that he resigned after working for the company for more than 13 years. A few days ago, Kaleiki uploaded a video to YouTube where he explained the reasons behind his decision.

The former WoW developer said that he had no bad intentions towards Blizzard and even praised the studio for its talented team. Kaleiki went on to say that he himself was a big fan of WoW before he started working on the game.

WoW developer leaves Blizzard after 13 years as he is not satisfied with the course of the game

During his 13 years with Blizzard, his work focused on PvP and class design, with his main goal being to create specifications for various classes in WoW. However, the developer feels that after so many years, it’s not the same anymore.

“It’s complicated, isn’t it,” said Kaleiki and went on to explain that the main reason was that he was “unhappy with the state of the game”. In his opinion, the original values of World of Warcraft were lost in the more modern versions. In addition, he lists that certain pillars of the game, such as community and player-centered history are no longer as present as before.

Another issue that Kaleiki touched upon was the lack of guilds in the most recent versions of World of Warcraft. According to him, belonging to a guild “creates cohesion” and “community” among players, although he understands that some players prefer to play independently.

For Kaleiki, it all boils down to the fact that Blizzard’s vision changed over the years, leaving him and other members of the WoW team wondering in which direction the game is heading. For his part, the former developer plans to continue creating virtual worlds, although he hasn’t given any concrete details yet.