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Blizzard servers suffer another DDoS attack in 2020

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Blizzard servers suffer another DDoS attack in 2020

In recent months of 2020, Blizzard servers have been victims of DDoS attacks, which have caused various problems that affect the gaming experience in some of its titles.

Players around the world are having trouble connecting to Call of Duty Warzone, Overwatch, World of Warcraft or Modern Warfare servers. The reason is the fall of the Battle.net servers of Blizzard, which have suffered a DDoS attack since yesterday (2 June 2020) afternoon and which has caused other additional problems, such as high latency during games or increased waiting times.

Today, the Battle.net servers in the US suffered a new DDoS attack, which was confirmed by the company, although little by little the situation has returned to normal.

Through a publication on Blizzard’s official Twitter account for America, the company reported a DDoS attack that was registered this afternoon on its servers, which caused problems that led to high latency, disconnections and even difficulties in logging in. At that time, the managers of the servers assured that they were working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

An hour after the confirmation of the attack, Blizzard reported that the login related issue has already been resolved and apologized to the players for the issues, however what happens to the other related issues is still on hold of the DDoS attack suffered this afternoon.

The origin of this hacker attack on Activision Blizzard’s servers is unknown , although everything indicates that it is part of the protests on the network, which have affected the servers of other companies, and that replicate on the Internet the effect of the riots in the streets of the main cities of the United States.

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