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Overwatch pro players fined for obscene chat messages

Players in e-sports competitions must adhere to strict rules, apparently including their speech. Professional Overwatch League players Moon Lastro Jung-Won and Kim Dong Rong Rascal Kim were penalized by Blizzard because of obscene chat messages during a game.

Obscene language in Overwatch game chat was penalized

During the match, Lastro wrote the word “sex” in the chat, and his teammate decided to support the joke by sending “big dick” to the team.

Both players thought that the audience did not see the chat message, so they decided to have fun. The organizers, in turn, tried to remove the messages from the screen, but the audience managed to read and even evaluate what was written.

In turn, Blizzard did not appreciate the humor, and fined them for $1000, but did not impose restrictions on further participation in the competition. After the match, Moon Lastro Jung-Won apologized, explaining his behavior, and promised not to repeat such mistakes.