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Google Maps driving mode will be available soon

The special driving mode of Google Maps is here

The special driving mode of Google Maps will be available soon. Google Maps is becoming one of the most useful applications of Google. Besides encompassing site recommendation, the app keeps its functions as a GPS navigation.

This feature was announced in Google IO 2019, with a new interface designed for driving. More than a year has passed and there is still no official announcement, but it is already reaching many users after it was seen in August.

The special driving mode of Google Maps is here

Replacing Android Auto with the Google Maps driving mode

The chosen users (it seems that it does not depend on a version of the app) will recognize how the settings of the Google Maps have changed.

When you activate the driving mode, when we set a destination in the car, the application interface will change to show a menu with three options:

  • Assistant: Here we will be able to interact with the Google assistant, by asking questions.
  • Map: This is the main interface, with the map and our route tracing.
  • Applications: The apps that support this mode will appear here, such as music or podcasting apps.

The special driving mode of Google Maps is here

This new interface has not yet been announced but given the number of users receiving it on very different phone models, it is very likely that in a few weeks the company will make Google Maps driving mode official and soon we will all be able to use it.