Google Maps tricks you should know

Google Maps tricks you should know: 7 steps to go
Google Maps tricks you should know: 7 steps to go

We show you 7 Google Maps tricks you should know. There is no longer any doubt that Google Maps is a benchmark in navigation applications. As time has passed, it has been updated, incorporating new tools and possibilities.

Today, whether for use on the computer or on the mobile, it is very useful, since it not only serves to look at routes, but for much more. With these tricks we reveal its full potential, which you can also take advantage of on your vacation.

Best Google Maps tricks you should know

Plan the route by car

With Google Maps there are different alternatives to plan a trip, whether by train, plane, bus or by car. In cases where you have to take some transport other than the car, Google refers you to third-party pages to offer you tickets, the lines that are there and times to make your trip. To plan your route by car, it is necessary that you mark that the trip will be by car and indicate your destination, and thus before leaving on your vacation the route will appear, with the tolls and the roads you have to pass through to that you have everything planned.

Parking reminder

When going to an unfamiliar city where you don’t know the streets or any place sounds familiar to you, it is usual that you have to pay special attention to see where you have left your car as you can lose it. Use this google maps tricks and you will never lose it. In Google Maps, there is an option that allows you to remember where you have left the car, so that you can go wherever you want in the city without fear of losing it.

To save the location, once you have parked you have to open the tool and a blue dot appears on the map, click on it and the street you are on will appear and the options to: view nearby places, share location and save location of parked car; click on the latter and you will have it saved. From wherever you are, you just have to click on how to get there and it will show you the fastest route to your parked car.

Save your favourite sites

Before traveling to the place you already have planned, you may want to organize the places you want to go, such as your favorite restaurants and places that you really want to visit. To have everything organized you have to create a map on Google Maps, where you can put annotations, put colors and symbols, and save each of those places. Once you are where you have traveled, you just have to open your map and all the places you have marked to visit will appear in the section of your places.

Share your location in real time

This is a very useful option especially if you travel alone. To be safer on your trip, it is convenient that you share the location of where you are with a family member or friend. The person who is concerned about your trip and knowing if you are well, will be able to know using these google maps tricks where you are exactly without having to be in contact with you at all times. To activate this option you have to display the menu in Google Maps and select share location. You have to give it to start, and it will appear how you want to share your location in real time, the hours you want or leave it permanently until you deactivate it. Allow Maps to access your contacts and select with whom you want to share your location.


Rush hour in real time

To save time on your vacation and not waste it in crowds, it is important that you meet the people there are in the specific places where you plan to go. It is a good way to avoid queues and go to places with more tranquility. Google Maps allows you this option, to know the people who usually pass by in real time, so that you avoid any crowding of people. To know the influx of the site where you want to go, you just have to open the bookmark the site application and you will have a graph at your disposal with all the details. When you get the information, you can check the day and a graph will appear with the hours when more people are there

Download your maps offline

It is likely that when traveling you do not want to consume too much data from your mobile. If you go with the GPS consulting maps, your data will be affected. You have a way to consult the maps offline, you just have to download them. To prevent this use following google maps tricks. Open your Google Maps application and go to offline maps, select your own map. Select the area you want and click to download map. When you go to the offline maps section, the maps you have downloaded will appear, and you will have them at your disposal whenever you need them. This option, apart from helping you save data with your mobile, is also advisable in case you run out of coverage.

Take a 3D tour with Google Maps

If you want to check if the hotel you are going to book is in a good area, you will surely be interested in taking a look for yourself, moving through the streets of the city from a bird’s eye view. In order to do this, you have to activate the 3D view of Google Maps. On its website you will see that there are two views by default, those of satellite images and the map. In satellite mode there is a variant where you can tilt your view and feel that you are above the buildings.

To activate this possibility, load the satellite view, in the column of icons that appear on the right select where it says 3D. Leave the control button pressed and drag the mouse to scroll the map and change the inclination and angle. With the mobile you can also do it, mark the same options and when viewing it, place your fingers apart on the map and move them up at the same time to give it the inclination you want. This google maps tricks will also help you to better understand the buildings and the area where you are going to stay.