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Google’s folding phone will come out in 2021, according to a leak

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Google’s working on a folding phone and it will be launched in 2021, according to a leak. It seems very likely that all brands will end up bringing folding phones, but the question is how long it will take to present the first one. This leak says that Google has one year left for its foldable Pixel.

Phone manufacturers have focused on smartphones with folding screens as a revolutionary change for the next few years. It’s no wonder everyone is joining this new trend, although some are finding it harder than others.

After the proposals of Huawei and Samsung, among others, the next brand interested in launching its folding phone is Google . A leaked document suggests that the date for which the company is preparing this new Pixel would be the fourth quarter of 2021, although other launches are planned before.

The document tells that this new folding Pixel is prepared under the codename ‘Passport’. Before this one will be launched, we will see two more phones from Google also with code names Raven and Oriole.

For the information and what is known about the Google agenda, these new phones would be the next Pixel 6 that should arrive in 2021, after this year, when the expected model, Pixel 5 is presented. This week we have finally met the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 4a 5G is planned for October together with the Pixel 5.

For next year, Google seems to have the same strategy as 2020, which is to expand its range of phones with a somewhat more modest version, the Pixel 5a is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021, according to the document.

It is not the first time we have heard of a possible Google mobile with the flexible screen. Last year they already mentioned that they were working on a prototype, although as the folding phone proposal was still at early stages.

Google Pixel development leader Mario Queiroz dared to discourage expectations by ensuring that he did not believe that there was” a case of clear use “for folding devices”.

Foldable phones such as the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip or the Mate X are still very high priced devices, but they have shown the potential that these smartphones can have a good place on the market, when their technology is perfected and they become cheaper to reach the masses.

With Google already developing Android support for these folding screens, it is a matter of time before the company brings out its own mobile that folds. The date depends more on the current financial situation and the rest of Google’s plans.

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