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MSI launched ARTYMIS 343CQR: specs, price, release date

MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR is introduced: specs and price

The new MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR is introduced, here is its specs, price and release date. It is a 34-inch model that stands out for its 1000R curvature that almost envelops the player and promises a remarkable immersion in video games.

The new MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR is one of the first to offer this kind of curvature -which we already saw in the impressive Samsung Odyssey G9- and this design is joined by a 3440 x 1440 resolution and HDR400 certification.


RESOLUTION3,440 x 1,440
OTHERSRGB lighting
New MSI monitor
New MSI monitor


The curve matters

MSI claims that the 1000R curvature is the most suitable for the human eye because it fits our vision and allows us to see the whole screen without any fatigue.

The truth is that this curved design of MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR is spectacular and leaves behind models with the most popular curvature today like the 1800R, and even an intermediate evolution that we have also seen in several models, and like the 1500R.

We don’t have all the specifications of the monitor yet, but we do know that it will be HDR400 certified, offering 1 ms response time and 3440 x 1440 resolution.  When it comes to design, there is a logo and a series of RGB backlit stripes that we will be able to customize.

There are important details yet to be revealed such as the supported refresh frequencies or their port selection: they mention the RTX 3000 support, something that might point to HDMI 2.1 ports, although there are no further indications. 343CQR integrates a microphone that eliminates the background sound through artificial intelligence algorithms.

MSI has also highlighted the integration of OptixScope technology to improve accuracy in FPS games when aiming, an option that is combined with the so-called Smart Cross Hair so that that point is always seen without problems with MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR.

The Smart Brightness system allows easy control of the monitor’s brightness, and MSI also highlighted the existence of Night Vision AI technology that allows you to “discover enemies hidden in dark areas”. Again, artificial intelligence algorithms are used to increase the brightness of the scene without overexposing it.

MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR price, release date

We still don’t know the price of MSI ARTYMIS 343CQR. MSI has not yet indicated the price and release date of the new monitor, but they promised that it will be in stores on December.


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