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How to create a Memoji on Android?

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In this how to, we explain how to create a memoji in your Android smartphone.

We will explain the following and answer these questions:

  • Is there an Android version of Animoji?
  • Can you get Memoji on Android?
  • How do you do Memoji on Samsung phones?
  • The best Memoji app for Android
  • How do you make a Memoji and how can you create it online?

While chatting with people who own an iPhone, you may notice that they use, instead of the classic emoji, some pretty “faces” very similar to his face, called Memoji: And you would like to achieve something similar on your Android smartphone. They also have personalized Memojis called Animoji on iPhone models, but today we will explain how you can get them on your Android smartphone or tablet…

In this guide, in fact, we will explain how to create Memoji on Android, making use of a number of very simple application techniques, which do not require any specific competence in the matter.

What is a Memoji?

As you probably know, Memoji is the signature iPhone emoji, introduced with the iPhone X and now available on all iPhones equipped with iOS 13 and above and on all iPad tablets.

However, you should know that with some “tricks” or third-party applications, you can get these small but very nice images even on Android: Un the current state of things, only a few Android devices (eg Samsung) have a function dedicated to creating emojis of this type, however, following the suggestions that we will make, you will still get a very good result.

How to create a Memoji on Android?

Now that you understand what a Memoji is, it’s time to find out how to get these little “personalized stickers”, initially exclusive to the iPhone, on Android.

Use your phone manufacturer’s app

Some Android smartphones, such as Samsung’s high-end phones, has predefined apps for creating Memoji, which can then be used via the default keyboard.

In the specific case of Samsung, it is possible to do so using the Emoji AR functionality of the device’s camera: start the application, touch the Emoji AR located at the top, then enter Create custom emojis and follow the instructions that are given, to create an avatar based on your face.

Create a Memoji on WhatsApp

If you are interested in using iOS Memos exclusively on WhatsApp, you can use a friend’s iPhone or iPad to create them, and later send them through the messaging app and save them among your favorite stickers.

To get started, borrow your friend’s iPhone or iPad, launch the iOS Messages app, tap the button to create a new message, and press the Memoji icon (the one with three avatars, placed next to the stylized “A”).

Now tap on the (…) button , to start creating a new Memoji set, press the New Memoji button and, using the following screen, aesthetically customize the avatar you are about to create.

After creation, ask your friend to send you the newly created Memoji via WhatsApp. Next, grab your Android device, open the WhatsApp chat where you have received the Memoji, and to add them to your personal collection, tap on each one and tap on the Add to favorites item on the menu that appears.

To send the Memoji added in this way, all you have to do is access the section labeled WhatsApp favorites (identified by a star icon).

Use a Bitmoji to make a Memoji

If you are interested in creating your Memoji on Android starting from ground, you can use Bitmoji: an application available for free on the Play Store, which allows you to quickly create custom avatars, starting with scanning your own face, and then sending them in a very simple, through the default Android keyboard, from any application you want (in image form).

After installing the application, launch it and touch the button to create a new account Register by email and enter the requested data (date of birth, email and password) in the following screens.

When the registration is complete, touch the boy or girl icon, to specify whether the memoji will be male or female, touch the next buttons and take a selfie of your face, so that the application can automatically recognize the shape and complexion of your face.

Then refine the characteristics of the resulting Memoji, using the following screen: to switch from one detail to another (complexion, hair, eyes, eyebrows and so on) you can use the tabs shown below.

Once you have the result you want, tap the check mark button at the top right and tap the yes button to “dress” your avatar in the same way.

Finally, touch the check mark again and that’s it: the “statuses” of the created Bitmoji will be immediately available within the application and, also on the Google keyboard.

To use them, launch the messaging app of your choice, tap the smile icon (bottom left) and then the Bitmoji icon (the “full” comic placed at the bottom) – to navigate between moods and available scenarios, you can use the tabs shown above. And to send your Bitmoji, just tap on its preview, just like you would a “classic” sticker.

What is the best app to create Memoji on Android?

In addition to Bitmoji, there are other applications to create Memojis on Android, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Here are some of them.


This application allows you to create a series of customizable avatars, based on the characteristics of your face, that can be shared through the most popular messaging applications (or used to assist the combined social community). Requires registration.

Face Cam

Very similar to Zepeto, this application allows you to create animated and fully customizable emojis. Its Premium version, which costs $9.99 / week (and has a free trial for 3 days), allows you to remove ads and customize your avatar in an unlimited way.


Another app similar to the ones we saw earlier. It allows you to create your own custom avatars from a scan of your face. To use it without limits, you need to subscribe to the Premium version, which costs $9.99/week.

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