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The Android Airdrop is official: Nearby Sharing is out

The Android Airdrop is official everything about Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing is the official Google Airdrop for Android, a feature that has been testing for months and that will begin to be available from today.

In recent months we have heard a lot about Nearby Sharing, a feature that aspires to become the official Google Airdrop for Android. The wait is over, and this technology for sending files at high speed and without consuming mobile data is finally beginning to roll out.

Nearby Sharing feature starts coming to Android

If you have a mobile phone, the safest thing is that you have experienced all kinds of situations to send files to close people. In the past, many of us used Bluetooth, but this connection was not entirely effective due to its speed. Chances are that you send the files by WhatsApp or Telegram, but these options consume mobile data for both the sender and the receiver.


How to use Nearby Sharing?

Its mechanism is simple, and it is enough to press the share button for our mobile to establish a connection with other nearby devices. The receiver will have to accept the shipment and both mobiles will connect via Wi-Fi Direct to make high-speed transfers.

The information sent will be encrypted, and from the sharing settings we will have privacy options to determine who can send us files.

In addition to mobiles, we can also send files to a Chromebook. Although Google has not specified it, it seems that it will also be possible to send files to Windows PCs using the Google Chrome browser.

The Android Airdrop is official everything about Nearby Sharing

When will it be available?

Google indicates that some Pixel and Samsung mobiles will start receiving this functionality  from today . Regarding the rest of the brands and models, Google has indicated that they are working with several manufacturers to integrate it as soon as possible during the next few weeks. In theory it is compatible with any mobile with Android 6.0, but the information on its availability is very ambiguous.

The main value of Airdrop is that you know that it works with the entire Apple ecosystem, and any technology that aspires to the same will not stop being a seedy substitute if it is not as easy and extendable to non-Apple ecosystems, so we will have to wait a few weeks to see how it develops.