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The Xbox Series X already has a launch date: Exclusive games, and Xbox Series S?

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Microsoft has announced the launch date of the Xbox Series X and its exclusive games, although we also expect some surprise in hardware.

Recall that Sony was the first to shoot, with a presentation in June in which it demonstrated the design of the Playstation 5 and a powerful catalog of games. It was also just what many people expected from Microsoft, but Sony was ahead of it.

Now the other player in the console war already has a presentation date: Microsoft has confirmed that it will organize an event that will focus on games, but from which a shot against Playstation 5 is expected.

However, the war is far from decided. Sony was not able to say anything about the price yet, which is expected to be high compared to the previous generation; And that’s where Microsoft can fight back.

Introducing the Xbox Series X

We will probably know more on July 23, when the presentation of the Xbox Series X will take place. Although Microsoft anticipates that it will focus on games. Specifically, we expect the company to respond to criticism that its console may have few exclusive games compared to the Playstation 5.

Therefore, at the presentation, we expect videos and demonstrations of highly anticipated titles. It is certain that Halo Infinite will be present, being the most advanced title in its development. But there can also be more than one surprise.

In response to criticism, Microsoft has not stood still, and in recent years has acquired several famous studios around the world for its games: Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and Double Fine. We would be very surprised if each one did not present at least one exclusive game for Xbox Series X.

Of course, ‘exclusive’ is perhaps not the right word, as Microsoft is betting on a common platform between the Xbox Series X and Windows 10. It is very likely that all these games are also available for the computer.

Should we expect a surprise in hardware?

Another ace up Microsoft’s sleeve may be in the hardware. Although those from Redmond promise that the event will focus on games, that is also what Sony said at the event in which it taught the final design of the Playstation 5.

Specifically, all the rumors suggest that Microsoft would be preparing a cheap version of its new console, which could be called the Xbox Series S; It would cost less than the Playstation 5, even than its version without discs, so it would be a cheap way to make the leap to the new generation.

Will this launch date also means we will see Xbox Series S?

The price jump is a hot topic in the sector. Not only are consoles becoming more expensive, but new games are expected to make the jump to $70. Microsoft could make a splash with a cheap console.

It is unclear what sacrifices it would have for the Xbox Series S, but we know that the Xbox Series X seems more powerful than the Playstation 5, although at the moment of truth we should not notice much difference in the games. That may allow Microsoft to release a less powerful version, without a disk reader, but compatible with all new games.

Be that as it may, next July 23 will be a date to remember.

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