Hacker is selling the source code of Xbox Series X GPU for $100 million

A hacker stole files related to the latest AMD GPU which will be used in Xbox Series X from one of the company’s employees. But what’s most interesting is that, now the hacker is trying to sell what he stole, including the source code of the Xbox Series X GPU, for a 100 million dollars.

AMD has already filed two DCMA complaints about what happened, asking them to “cover up” two Github repositories that hosts stolen files. The content attracts greatest interest due to the fact that among them is the code for the Arden GPU – the very chip that will provide future Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series X line. So far, Microsoft did not comment on this matter.

“We know that the culprit has files that were not made public yet, but we believe that stolen intellectual property will not affect the competitiveness or the security of our graphic products. We do not know what other information he has. We work closely with law enforcement agencies and other experts in the framework of the criminal investigation,” AMD representatives said in this regard.