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Former Xbox exec: No way PlayStation 5 is over $499

Former Xbox exec No way PlayStation 5 is over $499 price

Former Xbox exec says the PlayStation 5 price won’t be over $499

Albert Penello, who has been a marketing exec in companies such as Xbox, Electronic Arts and SEGA in the past, made a gratifying claim about the price of PlayStation 5. Penello, saying that the price will be the most important indicator in the new generations, described the sale of PS5 with a price above $499 as ‘impossible’.

Japanese tech giant Sony has made PlayStation 5, the new generation game console, which is unveiled to the whole game world, for the first time at the ‘The Future of Gaming’ event last week. The event, which is based on the games that will come to PlayStation 5 in general, still has many questions that have not been answered, even though the players are on fire.

One of the unanswered questions is, of course, the price of the new console, as you all know . The PlayStation 5, which appeared in the Amazon UK recently, was listed at £599.99. This price tag, which disappointed the players, soon fell on social media. Now, a former marketing executive of Xbox has made a claim about the price of PlayStation 5.

No way PS5 price is over $499

Albert Penello, who previously worked for Xbox, Electronic Arts and SEGA, is working as a senior manager for Amazon now, has responded to a post on the Twitter last week which was about the PlayStation 5 price leak. Considering that the new generation will have a cheaper entry price than most people currently expect, Penello described it as ‘ impossible’ that the PlayStation 5 will cost more than $499.

This claim may sound strange at first, but when we look at the history of the person who made the claims and think that he was a person working for Xbox for years, we can say that he might have guess what is going on in a console developer in times like these.

Penello’s estimate of the price of PlayStation 5 might make the players happy. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is only a claim, we can find out about the real price later.