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Skate 4: EA finally confirms the development

Skate 4, after many years of fans asking for it, comes true with an ad that leaves us with more questions than answers.

It has been a few years since the last installment of Skate, but it seems that from EA they had not forgotten its existence, as the thousands of fans that the brand has around the world we believed. And today, during EA Play, the surprise has come and it has been officially presented to the Skate 4 world to the delight of the millions of fans that this saga has.

It has been through a small announcement how EA has confirmed the development of Skate 4 to the world. This announcement, although it has served to excite millions of fans around the world, the truth is that it does not leave us any details of the new installment nor does it allow us to take a look at the video game to which we can throw the glove. Therefore, it seems that we will have to wait a long time to learn more about it and everything points to at least a few years to have Skate 4 in our hands. You can see below for yourself how this highly anticipated work has been announced.

Skate 4: Release date

Regarding the launch, as we mentioned, this announcement has not left any kind of detail. We do not know a window, much less a release date, but it seems that it will take a while to enjoy Skate 4. What does seem clear is that, with this announcement, the video game will reach the next generation of consoles, taking advantage of all the virtues of the new hardware to represent a great technical leap compared to previous installments.

Be that as it may, for now we can only wait for EA and those responsible for Skate 4 to give more details about it. We will be attentive to bring any news that arises in this regard.