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Play Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device with free app Citra

Play Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device with free app Citra download link

Citra, which is one of the well-known emulators especially on PC, and now it also came to Android for running Nintendo 3DS games. Although there are previously unofficial Citra ports, there is a significant performance increase with the official port.

Nintendo 3DS , one of the most popular handheld consoles in the game world, had various emulators for the Android operating system. However, these were mostly done by porting Citra, which is quite popular on the PC, to Android by third parties.

With the help of the developers who realized the unofficial port, an official Citra application is ready for the Android operating system. Moreover, this application is offered to players free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra is now officially on Android

Of course, in this official port there are many features which were not found in previous ports, which enhances the Nintendo 3DS emulation experience are available. These include features such as amiibo support, motion controls, microphone, camera and controller support.

The team that developed the Citra 3DS emulator shared an article about their entire development process with their followers on their websites. The article also touches on how the two unofficial ports affected the development of this app. The first port, although highly problematic, the second port and the ongoing MMJ port was relatively much better. But average users are much more likely to use the official Citra Emulator application.

Play Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device with free app Citra

Adam Conway of XDA Developers said that he tested the official Citra app on OnePlus 8 Pro using Snapdragon 865 as processor, with games like Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and the results are very impressive. Conway also said that they tried Fire Emblem: Fate on OPPO Find X2 Pro and the game ran at 60 FPS.

The team that developed the Citra recommends a Snapdragon 835 or better processor, which we have to say is that the performance is highly dependent on the GPU drivers on the device. In general, devices with Snapdragon processors run Citra much better for Samsung Exynos and HiSilicon Kirin processors. In addition, your device needs to support OpenGL ES 3.2 and must have a minimum of Android 8.0.

Play Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device with free app Citra


As we said above, Citra Emulator was offered to Android users for free. You can download Citra to your phone via the link below. The app includes in-app purchases, where Premium features are available. The team also has a Patreon page where they expect support from users for this free application .

You can download Citra from the link here

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