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Google Play removes Zynn, an alleged copy of TikTok

A new video app called Zynn is removed from Play Store because of TikTok.

Zynn is an app that was launched in May and in a very short time it managed to shake TikTok. The application has features and aesthetics similar to the Chinese one that is so famous today. However, Zynn sneaked into the lists of the most popular and outstanding free apps on Android and iOS , especially in the United States. But, a bump has appeared along the way: Google removed Zynn from Play store after being accused of plagiarism.

Why did Google remove Zynn from the Play Store?

In reality, this application became so popular because it offers users to earn money on its platform by watching videos and inviting more friends to register. Additionally, proceeds can be used to purchase gift cards or be transferred to PayPal.

The complaints have been from the TikTokers, some with millions of followers, who claim that their videos were republished without their permission on Zynn.

“I honestly feel it is sad that they are stealing content from creators and posing as someone else,” one TikToker told Wired.

After the controversy, Google has removed the Zyn application from its Play Store. However, they did not confirm the reason for this decision.

As for Apple, the company said it is investigating the case, but it is still available to its iOS consumers.

The new platform is funded by Kuaishou, the Chinese rival of TikTok owner ByteDance.

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