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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is still alive and easier to buy now

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You can now buy Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 through resellers.

The Google Glass have not died. Google announced that Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is opened for direct sales.

All technology fans remember Google Glass. These glasses were a futuristic product that brought us closer to science fiction. On the other hand, it was one of the biggest failures in terms of a consumer product.

How to buy Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

But, Google still seems to continue betting on the project, but in other areas. Google thinks it is more suitable for busines and development purposes. We are not talking about consumer products, since with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, it aims business and development environments. And now Google facilitates easy access to the product.

Because distribution was a problem for Google, the company decided to make the device available to resellers. Now whoever wants to have it, can have it without having to go through Google’s hoop.

It helps companies to achieve better efficiency

The glasses are based on Android. According to Google, the glasses have helped companies achieve faster production times, with improved quality and reduced costs. Google mentions companies like DHL, which claim to have 15% better operating efficiency after the implementation of Glass.

Opening the device to hardware vendors outside Google is an easy path for businesses and developers. In addition, it also opens the door for also consumers to access them, although it is not recommended; We talk about a product designed for software development and have a cost of  $1,200.

There are already sellers in the United States that are selling Glass, such as CDW, Mobile Advance or SHI.

One of the great uses that can be given to Google Glass is the development of augmented reality software,  since it is the technology behind the product.

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