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What is Zynn: A TikTok rival who pays to watch videos

What is Zynn: A TikTok rival who pays to watch videos, how can you use it, how much it pays

A new app came out and everybody is asking about it: What is Zynn and how it works?

What is Zynn?

It is a mobile app, positioned itself as a rival of TikTok, but with a big difference. Zynn pays its users to watch their videos and lets you invite your friends to join the app.

It’s basically the same thing, but this one gives you money when you watch their videos.

Who created Zynn?

This app was developed by Kuaishou, of Chinese origin, and is quite similar to the popular application for sharing funny videos in just a few seconds. But unlike TikTok, Zynn pays you to register and see the content that is circulating. The Zynn’s content is basically short music videos. And you can also invite your friends to join the app.

We could say that due to the great success of TikTok, Zynn could easily take the throne, because if until now TikTok had such acceptance, imagine receiving money in exchange for doing the same thing that you love so much just for entertainment.

What is Zynn: A TikTok rival who pays to watch videos, how can you use it, how much it pays

How much money does Zynn pay?

The app pays when we invite new friends to use it, up to $20 each on the condition that they are active within the app, so it would be wise to direct efforts where it is most worthwhile and not send invitations to people who will ignore your requests.

The amounts you receive won’t always be that high, so don’t visualize yourself on a yacht watching Zynn videos for the rest of your life. The app has a countdown timer with a dollar sign in the place where each video is placed, and for each reproduction they pay approximately 12 cents.
Thus, while the user watches the videos, the timer fills up and gives him points, which are redeemable for money or gift cards, so it is convenient to accumulate them before exchanging them.

How does Zynn earn money so that they can pay people?

In China, as well as on all digital platforms in the world, they integrate many advertisements. This is the case for Zynn as well, which has an agreement with Tencent, one of the biggest technology companies from China, which is also behind WeChat.

Within this agreement, which has the objective of positioning the app in the market, they have 2 billion dollars funding.

How to register and use Zynn?

In order to register in the app, you must login with an existing account from Google, Facebook, Twitter or use your number as well.

At the moment, Zynn is only available in China, the United States and Canada, and it has been received with great interest, so we could expect its reach to expand. In addition, to be able to use it and collect the dollars, it is necessary to link a PayPal account to the app.

So far, after Douyin, Zynn is the second most popular app in China. In the United States and is positioned in the top 10 free apps in the Google Play Store.