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How to schedule tweets, without installing anything on Twitter?

It is now possible to schedule messages on Twitter without having to use another program, thanks to a change on the official website of the social network.

Finally we can schedule publications on Twitter, without the need to install any program or use a third-party service, as was the case until now.

It is an important change for the millions of users of the social network, who cannot always have a screen in front when they want to publish something; in fact, the programming of tweets is one of the most requested functions in apps based on the Twitter platform.

There are many reasons why you would want to schedule a tweet to go out at a certain time. For example, if you know that you will not have access to the Internet when you need it.

How to schedule tweets, without installing anything on Twitter?

The new function of scheduling tweets has reached the Twitter website; It is not yet available in the official apps for iOS or Android, although it is a matter of time before they arrive.

Therefore, the first step we have to take is to open the Twitter website, either on the computer or by opening a browser on our mobile. We just have to start writing the tweet that we want to program.

If we look at the bottom, now we will see a new icon in the list of attachments; Along with the add image, gif or emoji button, we now have a new calendar and clock icon.

If we press that button, a pop-up window will open, in which we can enter the specific date and time when we want the tweet to be published. We just have to select them, and click on ‘Confirm’. Finally, we have to program the tweet by clicking on ‘Programming’.

From the same screen we can also click on ‘Scheduled Tweets’, where we can access both the messages that we have already decided to publish, as well as those that we have left in unpublished drafts.

If we want to delete a scheduled tweet, we have to access the ‘Unsent Tweets’ screen, click on the tweet that we want to delete, click on the calendar button again, and then click on ‘Delete’.

A highly anticipated feature

In fact, Twitter already offered a message scheduling tool, but not on the page or the official app, but on Tweetdeck. Remember that Tweetdeck was once one of the most popular unofficial apps, especially among the most advanced users.

Twitter bought its creators and has continued to maintain the app, as an option with more possibilities; Many of the latest news from Twitter in recent years have been released first on Tweetdeck, such as scheduling tweets.