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Twitter tests a button to limit who can reply you

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Twitter tests a button to limit who can reply you. The company continues to test different interaction options between users. At the moment, a few users will choose who can reply to their tweets: all, profiles that follow or only mentioned. Depending on the results, it will be implemented to all users or it will be discarded.

Twitter continues to conduct experiments to control behavior and try to make users of this network feel as comfortable as possible. In the last year we have seen several tests regarding the way of interaction between users that have obtained few results beyond the implementation of the Hide replybutton. Now it has announced that it is testing another similar option.

For a few hours, the option of limiting who can reply to tweets is being tested. This button that has only reached a small percentage of users works similarly to private messages, where it is possible to select who can send them to you. With this test the same thing happens in the tweets you post, it is possible to configure whether anyone can respond, whom you mention or only who you follow.

The scale by which users have been selected to test it has not been transferred, but they have been from various geographical areas and with both Android and iOS.

Beyond the new test button, the rest of the properties of the tweets continue to be similar and can be read and shared as always, the only thing that varies is in the response, which when limited changes the color of the symbol to respond to a gray which means the inability to reply to the message.

To be able to select these settings, an extra button has been added at the bottom of the menu when creating tweets. This option is in the mobile application and, as always happens with Twitter, it can be used when creating the tweet, but  it cannot be changed once it has been published.

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