Netflix will cancel inactive user subscriptions

Netflix has announced that it will start asking its customers who are inactive for more than a year if they want to continue on its platform, and if they do not receive a response, they will automatically cancel your membership.

The company thinks in your pocket and is not afraid of losing these thousands of accounts that pay for the service without using it.

Netflix will cancel inactive users’ accounts

All subscribers who have not seen any content on Netflix in the last 12 months will receive an email to verify if they want to continue with the service.

“Do you know that feeling of sinking when you realize that you signed up for something, but haven’t used it in a long time? On Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they are not using , “the company said.

The change in the user base will not be significant. According to them, inactive accounts only represent 0.5% of their total subscribers , which, until March of this year, added 182 million people.

“In the meantime, we hope this new approach will save people some hard-earned money,” said Eddy Wu, Product Innovation at Netflix, in a statement.