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Telecomms source: Samsung’s new foldable will be at least $850

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A South Korean news outlet reported that the new foldable phone from Samsung, Galaxy Z Flip will have a price range of $862-$1,293.

According to iNews24, the second-gen foldable phone from Samsung will only have a LTE model, a five lens camera and use Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expected to use an ultra-thin glass (UTG) to prevent its centre from getting damaged when folded.

The news outlet’s source was an official from a telecommunications company and the source said “It is too early to say that the shipping price is final until the release date.”

How is Galaxy Z Flip price compared to competitors’ foldable phones?

The price range seems lower than the first generation device Galaxy Fold, so Samsung is trying to get a hold of the comptetition, where its rivals Huawei and Motorola rushing to put new foldable phones out.

The new foldable from Huawei is expected to be named Huawei Xs and has a price tag lower than the first-gen Huawei X which was sold for $2,400. Motorola RAZR 2019 revived the classic clamshell phone, but is a foldable and will cost $1,500 when it’s out sometime in January, according to the company. Samsung Galaxy Fold price was $1,980 at the launch.

The new foldable phone from Samsung will launch on Unpacked event at 11th of February.

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