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Sony plans to host PS5 event next week to show games

Sony intends to show the first PlayStation 5 video games in an event on Wednesday, June 3 and we also tell you the features, controls, price and availability of PS5.

And the countdown continues. Despite the fact that the new generation of consoles is just around the corner, and from the announcements of the competition, Sony is making an appeal to show the world its next system. However, this could change very soon. According to Bloomberg, citing sources with direct knowledge, the Japanese tech company is working to definitively present some of the first video games that will bring the PlayStation 5 games to life on next week, Wednesday, June 3.

The event will take place during the development of a Sony event that will focus exclusively on the future generation of consoles . However, they recognize that the date is not set in stone, so it is not ruled out that there are changes to the initial plan.

PS5 features

Although we have not yet been able to see what the shape of the PS5 will be, nor how the video games will run inside it, Sony has been sharing the characteristics of the system over the last few months.

In late March, the architect behind the next desktop, Mark Cerny, claimed that the PlayStation 5 CPU is based on AMD’s Zen 2 generation with eight 3.5 GHz cores and variable frequency. In turn, it will offer a performance of 10.28 teraflops. Somewhat below the 12 that the future Xbox Series X promises.

Likewise, the visual leap over the last generation will be based on the rendering techniques of the “raytracing” which aims to offer a greater graphic realism on screen.

Another of the main incentives of the system, according to Sony, is its solid state hard drive (SSD) , which will dramatically reduce load times (2GB of data in 0.2 seconds) and will be 825GB in size. This technology in PS5 will help developers create video games and allow them to progress faster in their work.

And it is that, during the current generation, we have seen how the deadlines when creating new works were difficult to increase. Especially in the most ambitious proposals. Also, the increase in loading speed is expected to help the game in “streaming” democratize.

Regarding the audio that PS5 will offer, Sony affirms that the system will have 3D sound. A feature that will enhance the player’s listening experience and help recreate game scenarios more efficiently.

PS5 backward compatibility

Possibly the most important announcement Cerny made has to do with backward compatibility. That is, with the possibility that the system is capable of reading PS1, PS2, PS3 or PS4 video games. At the moment, according to what the technology said, it is only confirmed that PS5 will be able to read PlayStation 4 video games .

It should be remembered that the last truly backward compatible console from Sony was the first PS3, launched on the market at the end of 2006. The cost in the manufacture of the “hardware” forced the company to bring it to the market with a much higher price than the competition, the Xbox 360.

The Japanese technology company was forced to revise the system in order to be more competitive. Among the changes it underwent, the most serious in the eyes of the consumer was the disappearance of backward compatibility.

Sony revealed PS5 gamepad The DualSense Features, release date and comparison

PS5 controls

At the moment it is the only PlayStation 5 accessory that Sony has officially presented. The control, which is called Dualsense, is designed to improve user immersion thanks to the inclusion of haptic technology.

An addition that will allow, for example, the player to feel some resistance when he is enjoying a car video game, or to have to pull the triggers harder when shooting in a “shooter”. It is also expected to enjoy greater autonomy than its direct predecessor, the Dualshook 4.

Regarding the design, there are notable changes compared to the previous official controls of the Japanese technology. The curves of its handles are very reminiscent of the controls that Microsoft has been developing for Xbox in recent years.

PS5 price and availability

The coronavirus pandemic will not be enough to delay the future generation of consoles. Sony intends to go ahead with its plan to launch the new PS5 in late 2020. Although the consoles will be more limited than expected and will be priced higher.

As sources from the company explained to Bloomberg a month ago, Sony plans to manufacture some 5 or 6 million units of its next system until the end of this fiscal year in March 2021. A figure that is somewhat far from 7,5 million PlayStation 4 that the company sold in the first six months of the desktop.

They are also expected to have a higher price due to increased production costs due to the pandemic. Thus, according to the portal, whoever wants to buy a PS5 on the day of departure will have to pay between $499 and $549.