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Sony will get preorders for PS5 in March according to a rumour

A new rumor states that preorders for Sony’s new console, PS5 will start at March.

PlayStation 5 may not be announced this month as expected. According to a new rumor, PS5 will be announced on March 4, at the Sony PlayStation Meeting.

The announcement may be on 4 March

Moreover, if this rumor is true, on March 5, PlayStation 5 preorders will begin, one day after the console is officially announced.

If the preorders for PS5 will start on the 5th of March, this places its official announcement within a month or so. We should also remind you that the account that tweeted the rumour is known for its leaks of PlayStation.

Sony has not yet announced a date, but Twitter user PSErebus clarified that the media and investors will be invited in February.

Rumor says that the PS5 will be released on November and cost $499

Allegedly, the new console from Sony will be release in North America on November 20, 2020 for $499.

The account also claimed that pre-order and release dates for new games as well. So Gran Turismo will start preoder process in Spring 2020, GTA 6 will be released in Fall 2021. Another claim is that the PS5 will be backwards-compatible with PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

A rumour from another source stated that the PlayStation Meeting event will be held at the end of the month.

What is clear for 100% now, we don’t know the design, features and exclusive games of the console for sure.

Now we just have to wait another month to see if, finally, Sony unveils its long-awaited PS5.