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Reddit launches Talk, its Clubhouse clone

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Reddit launches Talk, its Clubhouse clone. Clubhouse-mania is a fact, to the point that even LinkedIn or Spotify want to have an equivalent platform in their respective services. Another of those who are also betting on voice chat room sessions is Reddit, for which a few days ago we learned unofficially that they were working on analog service.

Today it has officially announced the launch of Reddit Talk, its Clubhouse, which for now will be in the closed testing phase, allowing for the moment the moderators of the subreddits to create their chat sessions.

Reddit Talk, the Clubhouse alternative to Reddit

Interested moderators will have to join a waiting list so that they can find out when they will be able to start creating sessions with the new feature for their respective communities. At a later date, trusted users will also be able to organize them.

In general terms, Reddit Talk will work like any other clone, with rooms in which most of the attendees will enter as listeners, and the speakers will be trusted users, who will become co-hosts, with the moderators having the necessary management tools, being able to give voice to any of the attendees who request it, remove their words, expel annoying users, among other possibilities.

Reddit launches Talk, its Clubhouse clone
Reddit launches Talk, its Clubhouse clone

Any of the assistants will also be able to react to everything they are listening to through the reaction emojis. Reddit has wanted to give differential touches through visual customizations, using its reaction emojis, although it will also allow the moderators the visual customization of the rooms, the use of other different reaction emojis, being also able to change the avatar.

Later on, new audio functions will be added to make a greater difference for other clones. In this sense, the new audio functions they are working on will be applied in the well-known AMA (Ask me anything), conferences, debates, comment sessions with the community, and virtual meetings.

The idea, for the moment, is focused on bringing better moderation experiences.

The main head of Reddit for Creators notes that: “We think there’s more to offer here by allowing users to have live voice discussions in real-time with others in their communities, perhaps talking about a sporting event while on TV or listening to an informal chat or AMA with experts in the field.”

Regarding the need to differentiate from other Clubhouse clones, he adds that: “Yes, there are a few different platforms diving into live audio right now. We hope that by announcing this early with a community-first design, we will see engaging conversations hosted first by moderators, who we will work closely with to make sure we are creating a unique, supportive and positive user experience.”

With competition in full swing, considering that the rooms will be accessible by users from Android and iOS, Clubhouse will need to step on the gas, which the fundraising it just raised may help with.

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