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Facebook launches its Clubhouse clone called Live Audio Rooms

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Facebook officially unveiled its Clubhouse clone called Live Audio Rooms.

The Facebook team announced a series of features that revolve around the new trend of creating community through audio rooms and gave some details about how it works.

Facebook presented Live Audio Rooms, its solution for users to interact using audio messages. Yes, in Clubhouse style, you will be able to join groups that have the same interests as you and use audio as a means of communication to turn them into live audio rooms.

Facebook launches its Clubhouse
Facebook launches its Clubhouse clone called Live Audio Rooms

A dynamic that will begin to be implemented in some popular groups in the coming months. And these will not be the only ones to benefit from this Facebook initiative, as it will also be extended to public figures. So you may soon see your favorite artist or some of your referents creating audio rooms to share with other celebrities or their audience.

And if you’re not into joining Facebook groups, don’t worry, as Facebook also plans to bring this feature to Messenger. In this case, it will only be available for group chats. So you will have Live Audio Rooms in both the Facebook app and Messenger.

And on the other hand, more audio-related features are added. Users will also have the ability to turn audio into a podcast and share it with their followers or friends, among other options. Facebook said “We also want to provide creators and fans with tools to share the best excerpts from live audio or podcast and publish them as Soundbites to encourage more discussion. Also, we will offer closed captioning on all of these audio experiences to make them accessible to everyone.”

Facebook also mentioned some forms of monetization that creators will have available with the advent of Live Audio Rooms. For example, the audience will be able to make donations to the creators or a subscription will be implemented in certain voice rooms.

As reported by the Facebook team, Live Audio Rooms is still in testing and they expect it to be available to everyone by the end of the year.

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