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How to get free Pokecoins in Pokémon Go?

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Today we are going to show you how to get free Pokecoins in Pokémon Go. Apply these tricks in the game and get advantages over other trainers.

We are going to reveal several important tricks in one of the most famous games in the industry, Pokémon Go. Once you follow the tips that are going to be exposed here, you are going to be able to receive a lot of Pokecoins at no cost. Increase your gallery and grow the characteristics of each species you have in your pokeball.

Pokémon Go is without a doubt one of the most popular video games on smartphones. This game still has many followers, who surely read these lines hoping to know how to get free Pokecoins.

How to get free Pokecoins in Pokémon Go?

The only downside about this trick is that you will lose species for a day or several days, but it is not a big deal.

First of all, as trainers, you must reach level 5. If you haven’t achieved it yet, go play and level up by catching species and competing with your opponents.

The other fundamental requirement is to choose a team. This, in case you didn’t know, is done by visiting one of the three gym modes.

The easiest trick to get a lot of free Pokecoins is to go to one of these gyms and leave one of your Pokémon. Therefore, when it starts to weaken you are going to start receiving some Pokecoin shares.

How to get free Pokecoins in Pokémon Go?
How to get free Pokecoins in Pokémon Go?

Important: the Pokémon that you have left in the gym, has to be of your team. Otherwise, you will not get anything. The only option to do this in another team’s gym is done by starting a battle with each of the Pokémon present there and defeating them all. Therefore, you are going to turn it into your own and then start “mining“.

There is a daily limit of 50 coins per day. The number of species you leave will not affect the number of coins you get, it will never exceed 50 for a day. However, if you drop more than one, the time to is considerably reduced.

A single Pokémon in a gym reaches 50 in approximately 8 hours. However, if you add another species, you can reduce this time up to 4 hours.

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