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Twitter was very close to buy Clubhouse for $4B

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Today we were able to learn that Twitter was very close to buying Clubhouse for $4B. Clubhouse sparked an interest in technology-related users and executives with its audio rooms that have become popular on the Internet.

Many big technology companies have adapted the functions of these rooms to their applications, but little was known about the intentions of directly acquiring Clubhouse.

Twitter was considering buying Clubhouse for $4B

According to the latest rumors, Twitter was very close to acquiring Clubhouse for $4B. Despite being developing Spaces, the company led by Jack Dorsay evaluated directly acquiring the Clubhouse application.

Twitter was very close to buy Clubhouse for $4B
Spaces is also available on desktop now.

The companies discussed a potential valuation of roughly $4B for Clubhouse, the people said, asking not to be identified because the matter is private. Discussions are no longer ongoing, and it’s unclear why they stalled. Twitter spokesman remained silent against those implications.

Following the conversations with Twitter, the executives behind Clubhouse began exploring funding by other sectors getting positive responses.

Additionally, the platform has focused on developing its Android version and expanding its services worldwide. In addition to its intentions to offer monetization mechanisms to content creators.

Twitter was very close to buy Clubhouse for $4B
Clubhouse started a new era in social media.

The company announced its audio rooms under the name of Twitter Spaces at the beginning of the year. Even though it is still in the beta phase, many users have already been part of the experience both on iOS and Android. Similarly, it was announced in recent weeks that the platform is developing a Desktop version.

At a press event on Wednesday, the company’s head of revenue product Bruce Falck said the company is considering ways to monetize Spaces, but those discussions are still in the early stages.

The following applications have their alternatives to Clubhouse:

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