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App Store rejects more than 40,000 apps every week

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App Store rejects more than 40,000 apps every week. In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that the company headed by Tim Cook will be forced to open the door to other app stores. A few days ago, Tim Cook visited the New York Times podcast Sway, where he was asked about this topic.

Tim Cook stated that every week, the App Store receives more than 100,000 apps for review. However, just under half, 40,000, are rejected. The reason for the rejection is because they either don’t work or don’t work as the developer claims.

In any given week, 100,000 applications enter the application review. 40,000 of them are rejected. Most of them are rejected because they don’t work or don’t work the way they say they do. You can imagine if curation disappeared, what would happen to the App Store in a very short time.

App Store rejects more than 40,000 apps every week
App Store rejects more than 40,000 apps every week

Kara Swisher, the host of the podcast, asked Cook why there couldn’t be app stores run by other companies or organizations. Cook’s answer was clear: Apple created the ecosystem and deserves to benefit from it.

Apple has helped build an economy worth over half a trillion dollars a year, half a trillion, and it takes a very small cut for the innovation is created and the expense of running the store.

He also commented on the cut in the commission Apple pockets, it went from 30% to 15% among developers who bill less than $1 million a year:

Like 85% of people pay zero commissions. And then with our recent move with small developers, developers making less than $1 million a year pay 15%. Well, it turns out that’s the vast majority of developers.

Cook says he is not in favor of allowing users to install apps directly, as it would break the privacy and security model that Apple created with iOS although he says the App Store is open to change, that it is not built with concrete.

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