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Xupermask is a mask with a headset from SpaceX suit designer

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SpaceX suit designer Jose Fernandez and rapper Will.i.am introduced a protection mask with a headset, called Xupermask. The duo teamed up to create a mask with headphones that protects against both viruses and noise.

The global pandemic has affected hundreds of millions of people around the world in one way or another, something that has been an inspiration for the technology sector; In the last twelve months, we have seen all kinds of projects aimed at facilitating the so-called ‘new normal’.

The reinvention of the classic face masks, necessary to avoid contagion, has been one of the priorities of companies and startups. We saw the latest example with Razer’s smart mask, a project that seemed like a joke but has become a reality.

LG‘s mask is another project that seeks not only to protect us against the coronavirus but also to facilitate breathing and eliminate all kinds of threats. Now, here comes another technological mask project that gives another twist to the concept: Including headphones.

Xupermask features

Perhaps appropriately, this project comes from American rapper Will.i.am, who has teamed up with manufacturer Honeywell to launch one of the most original masks we’ve seen so far.

Xupermask with a headset, the latest from SpaceX suit designer
Xupermask with a headset, the latest from SpaceX suit designer

It’s called Xupermask (perhaps from Super mask, super mask), and has two unique features; The most obvious is that it includes a pair of headphones, which we can wear at the same time as the mask to listen to our favorite music.

After all, many people walk down the street with a face mask and headphones to protect themselves from both viruses and noise, so why not offer both in one package?

That it comes from the hand of a musician is especially appealing if sound quality is our priority; The headphones are for “audiophiles,” according to the company. Plus, they have active noise cancellation included, along with a microphone for making calls with their Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Protection with a style

As for the mask itself, it’s similar to LG’s because it includes three internal fans, which are responsible for moving air to the HEPA filters; In this way, it may be more pleasant for those who feel overwhelmed with traditional masks.

A mask with a headset, the latest from SpaceX suit designer

The design is the other aspect in which it stands out, and not for less; Its responsible is Jose Fernandez, the designer of the SpaceX spacesuits, although in this case it has not followed so much minimalism and has opted for some touches of color, both in the white version and in the black one. More surprising is the inclusion of LED lights, just like Razer’s, to illuminate the air intakes and achieve a more futuristic style.

The new Xupermask will be available in both Europe and the United States from April 8; It can be purchased on the official website for $299.

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