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Firefox 86 will offer improved privacy with new Total Cookie Protection feature

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Firefox 86 is the new stable version of Mozilla’s web browser for PC and now it offers a new feature called Total Cookie Protection which will bring improved privacy among other things.

The most important point of this release, implemented in its previous version and now improved under the name of ‘Total Cookie Protection, is the evolution of the protection system against supercookies. We can say that Firefox 86 is a new step in Mozilla’s intentions to protect the privacy of its users.

Firefox 86 Total Cookie Protection will work against supercookies

In summary, if Firefox 85 incorporated the protection against supercookies, a layer of isolation for this kind of persistent tracking cookie from one site to another, with Total Cookie Protection this isolation is improved by creating a “watertight compartment” for the cookies of each site you visit. This way they are not allowed access beyond the domain that generated them.

This feature enters as the default option in the strict Enhanced Tracking Protection mode for the time being. However, Mozilla warns that in order not to impair the functionality of “third-party login providers” (to login using Google or Facebook account, for example, which they also track) it has been granted a temporary exception.

Firefox 86's new Total Cookie Protection feature will offer improved privacy
What is Total Cookie Protection?

Other new features in Firefox 86 include the redesigned print wizard, as well as better integration with system print preferences; and the ability to use multiple floating videos (Picture-in-Picture or PiP).

Otherwise, Firefox 86 applies various security patches, increases the requirements for the use of WebRTC connections to the DTLS 1.2 version of the encryption protocol, and, although it won’t be much noticed because of the various limitations, implements initial support for the AVIF image format.

The fact that AVIF is not very widespread does not yet support all the features of the format. This new feature is will be activated gradually since until now it remained available for testing in the advanced preferences of the browser.

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